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What QuickBooks error 1904 indicates and how can I remove it?


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QuickBooks error 1904 occurs when the Windows components essential for installing QuickBooks Desktop get damaged. Its error description reads, “[file path / name / extension] failed to register.” To repair the Windows components required for installing QuickBooks, you can use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool following the steps that we have mentioned below:
 Get the recently released model ( of QuickBooks Tool Hub and save it to the Windows Desktop.
 Click the downloaded installer (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) twice.
 Do as per the instructions mentioned on-screen and accept the terms & conditions to install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
 Click the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon twice on the Windows Desktop.
 Select the Installation Issues option given on the left bar.
 Click QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and let the tool run.
 The tool can take around twenty minutes to diagnose and fix the Windows components critical for installing QuickBooks. Hence, keep patience until it finishes.
 Reboot your computer, and after that, see if you get any QuickBooks error while installing QuickBooks Desktop.
If you cannot get over QuickBooks error 1904 after following the above troubleshooting procedure, then we recommend you take further support fixing it by getting in touch with our QuickBooks official team.

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